About me

About me

I have been studying photography since 2005, and I will never stop studying it. In 2014, I followed a masters in photojournalism based in Rome monitored by Giovanni Cocco Paolo Marchetti and Fausto Podavini (https://www.collettivowsp.org/masterclass).

During the masters, I got the chance to see lots of works and to understand the photography world. I learnt how to create a photojournalism project, analyzing the title, writing the texts and shaping the snapshots.

Since 2016, part of my photographic activity focuses on live shows. For this opportunity I thank Fotosintesi Lab Project.

There are lots of stories which inspire me and which I wish to tell during the coming years (especially personal issues which are really appealing to my photography approach).

Some awards and exhibitions over the years:

2020 | Photo inside the exhibition “Silent cities” organized by LoosenArt (Rome)

2019: Exibition in Mannheim (Germany)

2017: Exibition of #vitaintreno in CARTAEMATITA (Milan)

2017: Finalist in LuganoPhotoDays competition (Mobile Category)

2016: Trofeo “Città di Follonica”, Second Place Best Portfolio

2015: LensCulture Visual Storytelling Awards (Mini-Series, Photojournalism Category)

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