Year 2017
Category Personal

Nobody can choose his own talents or limits. Life is not determined by a self decision but we have to conform with what happens to us, we have to adapt and go on with our own tools and sensitivity. Thus, we wear a mask in front of the world, showing what we like to show in a particular moment. Yet, sometimes, is the society to put a mask on some people, without even knowing them deeply or without their agreement. This is the case of people with mental healt issues, they have been given tha mask of the ‘crazy person’.

This work comes out from two necesseties of mine:

The first was to understand where are we after 40 years from the Basaglia Law (or Law 180, the Italian Mental Health Act of 1978 stating a large reform of the psychiatric system including the closing down of psychiatric hospitals and their replacement with community-based services); the second was to bring into light the fact that nobody choose the family or the context to born and grow in.

So, the protagonists of my work appear to be the works of art, the sketches and the portraits of the artists at La Tinaia, a space for artistic creativity recovery (far away from the psychiatric hospital repressive reasoning).

I have been going to La Tinaia for more than one year, the result of this work is called Due (Two). Due is also a book.